North Korea conducted missile launch practice

North Korean authorities reported the recent launch of missiles they carried out as a self-defense measure against joint US-South Korean military exercises.

The Korean nation launched a recently developed tactical guided projectile capable of carrying a 2,5-ton warhead, hitting a target 600 kilometers away in the Sea of ​​Japan.

Pyongyang authorities claimed that US President Joe Biden had revealed his "deep-seated hostility" towards the Asian country and has invaded its right to self-defense by criticizing its latest missile test.

For his part, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi affirmed that the two projectiles launched by North Korea belong to a new type of weapon never used before. "This is a type of ballistic missile that I have never used before," Kishi stressed. At the same time, the minister reported that "it is believed that the missiles were launched from mobile carriers, (...) we have to strengthen our defense system." / Agency.



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