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More than 2000 people buried by avalanche in Papua New Guinea

The landslide continues to advance and endangers both rescuers and possible survivors

Authorities estimate the number of people buried by a strong avalanche that hit and buried a remote village in northern Papua New Guinea on Friday at more than 2000, agencies report.

Papua New Guinea's National Disaster Center said Monday that more than 2.000 people were buried in the landslide that devastated the hillside village of Yambali in Enga province.

The area was devastated after part of Mount Mongalo collapsed around 3am on Friday, while most of the community was sleeping. More than 150 houses were buried under rubble almost two stories high. Rescuers told local press that they heard screams underground.

The official warned that rocks continue to fall and move the ground in the disaster area and added that around 250 houses have been evacuated as a precaution.

According to the Papua New Guinea disaster center, “the situation remains unstable, as the landslide continues to advance slowly, endangering both rescuers and possible survivors,” says Telesur.

The Pacific island has experienced numerous earthquakes, floods and landslides in 2024 that have complicated the work of emergency services.

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