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Milei defends her “star minister” who denied tons of food to the poor

While the country is immersed in a growing wave of poverty, the official withheld 5 thousand tons of food.

The scandal unleashed in Argentina by the 5.000 tons of food retained in warehouses while poverty grows and soup kitchens stopped receiving help from the Government has become a thorn in the side for whom Javier Milei considers the “best” minister of affairs social in decades.

The case came to light on May 22, when the digital media El Destape revealed that there was food retained in two warehouses of the Ministry of Human Capital, which unleashed a strong public controversy and led to the initiation of a legal case.

The portfolio is in charge of Sandra Pettovello, a personal friend of the president and the only person of whom he displays a photo in his office, as indicated in a recent interview.

In the last few hours, the minister decided to remove the Secretary of Children and Family, Pablo de la Torre, due to “management problems” and for not complying with the information requirements on food, the spokesperson explained this Friday at a press conference. presidential, Manuel Adorni.

He also confirmed that Pettovello reported De la Torre and other officials to the Anti-Corruption Office for “lack of transparency.”

The 5 million kilos of food are in warehouses in the Buenos Aires town of Villa Martelli and Tafí Viejo, in the northern province of Tucumán, and were purchased during the Government of Alberto Fernández (2019-2023).

When the scandal arose, the Government claimed that it was not distributing them because it decided to cut off attendance at soup kitchens, which were under audit due to suspicions of irregularities in the social organizations that manage many of these places.

They cry out for food

Both the Catholic Church and social organizations demanded the distribution of food, at a time of increasing poverty: according to official data, 41,7% of Argentines are poor and 11,9% are indigent, that is , cannot even cover their basic food needs.

These data are from the second half of 2023 and it is assumed that, due to high inflation, poverty is greater now, which is palpable in the growing flood of people who resort to soup kitchens that survive with the help of some municipalities and donations. private.

The case was reported to the Court. Last Monday, federal judge Sebastián Casanello ordered the Government to develop a plan within 72 hours to distribute food “immediately”, a resolution that the Executive announced that it would appeal.

This week, the scandal escalated due to complaints about the imminent expiration of some foods, something that the Ministry of Human Capital ended up recognizing this Thursday, attributing the "control" error to "poor performance" of some officials and ordering the Army to "deliver “immediate release of foods that are soon due.”

Adorni assured that the stored food, which begins to expire in July, is “intended for emergencies or catastrophes” and not for canteens and said that the distribution that the Army will make is “a normal and usual procedure when expiration dates approach.” .

From the United States, where he met with businessmen from the technology sector, and through a message on social networks, Milei defended Pettovello this Friday, as “the best minister in the social area, without a doubt, since the return of democracy.” ”, in 1983.

“The minister is not in discussion for the president, but, in addition, he does not stop highlighting her daily. Pettovello is a number one and she is giving everything,” Adorni asserted.


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