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Mexico: Haitians ask to regularize their situation

Haitian migrants in Mexico fleeing the crisis and the violence caused in their country after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse protested in front of the building of the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees (Comar) demanding attention from that entity and the National Migration Institute.

As they were not attended to, a group tried to enter the premises and the Secretariat of Citizen Security of the Mexican capital acted to repress them.

The demonstrators asked that they be granted the documentation that regularizes them to apply for jobs, social security and to be able to send money to their relatives in the Caribbean country devastated by the socioeconomic reality, produced by the political instability promoted for decades from the White House through of, among other actions, coups throughout the Caribbean region.

Mexico is the transit of migration to the US, even more so after the promise of the current president of that country, Joseph Biden, who in the 2020 campaign spoke of "values ​​as a nation of immigrants."

In March 2021, Biden told migrants “don't come,” and in September there were images of border guards beating and running them over with horses for wanting to enter.

Yesterday, in Veracruz, southern Mexico, the authorities stopped a truck that was transporting 69 illegal Central American and Caribbean migrants in inhumane conditions.