Merkel called German flood effects surreal

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The German Federal Chancellor, Angela Merkel, today described the damage caused by the floods in recent days as surreal and confirmed versions of direct aid of 300 million euros for the victims.

Prensa Latina reports that the natural catastrophe demonstrates the urgency of giving 'ambition and speed' to the fight against climate change in the world, Merkel considered when visiting the small town of Schuld, where almost all of its more than 600 inhabitants lost their homes. households.

From this place we get a real image of what happened in the middle of a surreal and ghostly panorama, said the Federal Chancellor, quoted by Deutsche Welle, when visiting the Rhineland Palatinate region.

We need a reflection to determine how we should act in the face of this type of phenomenon and move towards climate neutrality, declared the German leader.

Merkel promised that next day 21 a meeting of the Council of Ministers will determine an urgent millionaire support and without bureaucracy for the regions most affected by the floods that have already left a balance of 156 deaths in this nation.

Schuld became a symbol of the demonstration of the severity of the damage caused by the flood in the valley of the river Ahr, a tributary of the Rhine, although the effects also extend to North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Bavaria.



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