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Lula denounces criminal management of the pandemic by Bolsonaro

Da Silva asserted that it is urgent to resume public health policies in Brazil

On the occasion of Brazil's National Health Day, which is celebrated this Friday, former president and current candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has denounced what he called the criminal policy of current president Jair Bolsonaro, and said that "it is urgent to resume the successful public policies” of the Governments of the Workers Party (2003-2016).

Lula's speech takes place at the Free, Democratic and Popular Health Day, an initiative of the "Frente pela Vida", the alianza of parties and organizations that leads Lula as a candidate for the Brazilian Presidency in the elections next October.

The Conference was conceived, according to its organizers, as a space to search for solutions to the problems accumulated and exacerbated by the covid-19 pandemic.

In his words, the former president ratified that "caring for the health of our people will be, more than ever, a central challenge for my Government", while denouncing that "the deterioration of living conditions promoted by the current President is a sad reality”, so he called, in an “urgent way [to] resume the successful public policies that we have implemented in this country”.

According to Lula, current President Jair Bolsonaro "He dealt with the [Covid-19] pandemic in a criminal manner, and is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of the more than 678.000 Covid deaths." 

He also said that Bolsonaro "opened the door to lobbyists who tried to sell overpriced vaccines, as evidenced by the CPI [Parliamentary Investigation Commission] of the Senate," which investigates irregularities and alleged corruption in the purchase of anticovid drugs by the successive administrations of the Ministry of Public Health under the current Government.

He denounced, in that address, that Bolsonaro's mismanagement "destroyed the policies we made for the Economic Industrial Health Complex. Now, we are forced to import basic products and stand in line to buy what we used to produce here in Brazil.”

The candidate of the “Frente pela Vida” expressed that “in order to fulfill the mission of guaranteeing health for all, from vaccines to transplants, it is necessary to increase investment in public health. And this is a commitment that I am making with Brazil and the Brazilian people.”

He advanced that "it is necessary to place our teams of doctors, nurses, dentists and community health workers in each territory of this country, to prevent diseases, expand coverage of all vaccines and guarantee basic treatment of most diseases of the our population."

Lula is ahead of most of the polls to beat the current right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro in the presidential elections next October.


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