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Lula arrives in Bolivia to begin a new stage of bilateral relations

The Brazilian president visits his Bolivian counterpart in clear support of his government and signs 10 integration agreements.

The presidents of Bolivia, Luis Arce, and of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, assured this Tuesday that they opened “a new era” in bilateral relations with the signing of 10 agreements and integration announcements.

Da Silva is in Bolivian territory as part of a two-day official visit, in which he held meetings with his counterpart Arce, to sign bilateral integration agreements.

“We are beginning a new era in the Brazil-Bolivia relationship,” said Lula da Silva at the beginning of his official statement together with the Bolivian president and before the media.

He stated that they are “convinced that integration is not just rhetoric during the time of speeches, it is a necessity for the survival of the countries of South America, Brazil and Bolivia.”

Both Governments, through the Ministers of State, signed 10 bilateral documents, including memorandums, conventions, protocols and agreements on health, energy, security, energy and agriculture, among others.

 “We are aware that what we have signed aims to improve the quality of life of the people of Brazil and Bolivia,” Da Silva added.

For his part, the Bolivian president stated that “it is a historic day” for both countries. “Today a new era begins in relations between Brazil and Bolivia,” endorsed the Bolivian president.

Aside from the signing of the 10 agreements, both heads of state agreed on the need to achieve maritime and railway integration so that Bolivia can go to the Pacific and the Atlantic, and Brazil to the Pacific.

“We want to open our continent to the world and participate in our development,” said Lula da Silva, adding that the physical and energy integration of the region “necessarily” involves both countries.

New investments in natural gas

The Brazilian president clarified that Bolivia continues to be Brazil's main supplier of natural gas.

“We are talking about the possibility of expanding investments in this area and increasing the volume transported to the Brazilian market,” announced Lula da Silva.

While his Bolivian counterpart said that although the bilateral relations of both countries were framed in the issue of gas, "today we know that Bolivia is not just gas."

“We Bolivians have made progress in agricultural production, we have livestock to share at a time when the whole world needs food,” he stated.

Arce also highlighted the business capacity and small producers “who are willing to contribute” to feeding not only the region but all the countries that need it.

The Brazilian president highlighted Bolivia's decision to invest in biofuels and reiterated Brazil's willingness to share its experience and technology to contribute to a transition in the Andean country.

Among the agreements signed is a letter of intent to market and industrialize minerals and another to export fertilizers and raw materials produced in Bolivia.


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