Legislative elections are taking place in Russia with total normality

With total normality, the last day of the elections takes place to decide the representatives of the Duma or Lower House, elections where thousands of Russians participate, after the opening of the electoral centers located in the European part of Russia, and in the peninsula of Kamchatka, in the Russian Far East.

En una publicación de su cuenta oficial de la red social Twitter, la embajada Rusa en España destacó que «los ciudadanos rusos que permanecen en España Bandera de España y Andorra Bandera de Andorra votan en las elecciones a la Duma de Estado (cámara baja del parlamento federal) en las mesas electorales situadas en Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Adeje y Andorra la Vieja».

According to the web portal of the multistate Latin American news channel Telesur, the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) 31.51 percent of the electorate already exercised their right to vote, in the first two days and that it had been decided to extend the process for three days to to minimize the risk of Covid-19 infections, so participation is expected to be much higher this Sunday.

It should be noted that around 110 million Russians are summoned to participate in the elections in which they will have to elect the 450 deputies of the Duma, one half, by party lists, and the other, by majority constituencies, since they have been nominated more than 5.800 candidates from 14 parties, including 10 independent candidates.

In addition to the Duma deputies, voters will elect 12 heads of federated entities and 39 regional parliaments.



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