Latin America exceeded 550.000 deaths from developing coronavirus

Europe, with 19 million registered cases (and more than 430.000 deaths from covid-19) is the region with the highest number of infections. Photo: AFP

Latin America and the Caribbean exceeded 550.000 deaths as a result of the new coronavirus, according to a balance established by AFP this Monday from official sources.

The region is the second worst hit in number of deaths behind Europe (660.429). 

The more than 550.000 deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean represent more than a quarter of the deaths worldwide, out of a total of 17.368.045 cases (almost 95 million cases in the world).

Behind Brazil, which accumulates about 210.000 deaths, the countries most in mourning are Mexico (more than 140.000), Colombia (more than 48.000) and Argentina (more than 45.000).

The situation in the Brazilian Amazon region is worse than during the first wave of the pandemic, and may cause the health system to implode, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned.

"If things continue like this, we are clearly going to see a wave that will be worse than the catastrophic wave in April and May," warned the organization's emergency director, Michael Ryan.

More restrictions -

Vaccination plans are not enough for the time being to stop the pandemic and therefore restriction and distancing measures continue to expand.

The FFP2 surgical masks are mandatory for common transport in Bavaria, southern Germany, and Austria, a country that announced on Sunday the extension of its third confinement until February 8.

Italy on Saturday banned flights from Brazil as a result of a new variant discovered in that country, and from this Monday it will once again confine three regions considered to be at high risk of contagion.

Peru, for its part, extended the suspension of all flights from Europe until January 31 to try to stop the arrival of the British variant of the virus.

Australia should not reopen its borders to foreign travelers in 2021, an important government adviser estimated on Monday.

These travel restrictions that cost the economy in general and air travel in particular could also sink a symbol of travel in Europe, the Eurostar rail company that links the UK to the continent.

Heads of British companies asked the government to participate in the rescue of the group, which already only offers a daily round trip between Paris and London, instead of the two per hour it used to have before the pandemic.

The one who emerged relatively unscathed from the 2020 debacle was China, which announced a positive GDP of 2,3% for last year, which still does not hide the fact that it is its worst economic performance in more than four decades. .

Faced with the restrictions imposed in so many parts of the world, the small emirate of Dubai opens its doors wide to tourists, without quarantine or curfew despite the increase in infections.

“I am not afraid here. Look, everyone wears a mask, ”says Dimitri Melnikov, a 30-year-old Russian tourist.