Lasso becomes president of Ecuador and Arauz regrets the setback

Lasso took the victory after being defeated in the first round

This Sunday with just over 97% of the votes counted by the National Electoral Council of Ecuador, the right-wing candidate Guillermo Lasso won the presidential election with 52,51% of the votes.

"On May 24, we will assume with responsibility the challenge of changing the destiny of our homeland and achieving for all Ecuador the opportunities and prosperity that we all long for," said the businessman who will assume the first Ecuadorian magistracy in the next few days.

For his part, the progressive candidate Andrés Arauz with him recognized the victory of his contender and described his defeat as an electoral setback.

"This is an electoral setback, but in no way is it a political and electoral defeat because our project is for life, it is a struggle on the road to building a future for Ecuador," he said in a speech from his campaign command.

Arauz recalled that the political alliance he leads "is the main political force in the Republic of Ecuador", after the victory obtained in the first round that was granted by the majority in the National Assembly of the southern country.

"I will make a phone call to Mr. Guillermo Lasso, I will congratulate him on his victory and I will show him our democratic convictions," he said while inviting the new president to build consensus for the benefit of all Ecuadorians.



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