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HomeWorldIsraeli forces kill members of Liberation of Palestine front

Israeli forces kill members of Liberation of Palestine front

The Arab formation points out that Israeli threats have increased inside and outside Palestine

Un israeli shelling in eastern Lebanon, early Wednesday morning, assassinated five members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) and wounded 10.

This was denounced by the Palestinian faction through a statement, in which it states that the Israeli Army carried out a bombardment against one of its positions in Qusaya, located near the Syrian border, reports Telesur.

“This crime is not isolated from the escalating events that have occurred recently on the Lebanese and Sirians", said the Arab formation while pointing out that "Israeli threats against resistance forces inside and outside Palestine have increased."

Likewise, for the PFLP-GC, crime "sends messages to the resistance under the illusion of intimidating its fighters and dissuading them from responding to threats," reported the Al Mayadeen media.

On Sunday night, the occupying army shelled several military units in the vicinity of Damascus, the Syrian capital.

The Israeli Army, for its part, denied any link to the event.

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