Great march begins in Colombia

Truck drivers, teachers, women, peasants, indigenous people, young people, workers, intellectuals and many other sectors are protesting today against the government of Iván Duque, in the most diverse points of the geography of Colombia.

The cry of protest returns to the streets of Colombia. The call this Saturday for the Largest March found support in the people, who for 18 days have not stopped expressing their rejection of the government policies of poverty and exclusion.

"Heroines and heroes continue to arrive at the great march of the Monument of Heroes" in this capital, said Sergio Marín, representative in the House of Congress for the Comunes party.

A massive concentration takes place on this site, dedicated to the memory of the soldiers of the different armies that participated in the independence of the Bolivarian countries.

In Armenia, capital of the department of Quindío, a peaceful mobilization of feminist organizations is underway, rejecting violence against women.

'I left for Lucas, I returned without Allison, I left for Allison, I returned without Sebastián', 'I arm myself with books, I get rid of weapons' are some of the slogans of mobilized mothers who reject the murders of young people in the middle of the strike.

In dozens of tractors, the rice union that supplies practically all of Colombia with this product joined the strike and marched to Neiva, capital of the department of Huila.

While in Buga, in Valle del Cauca, one of the towns most affected by police repression, the protesters are still on the streets in the rain.

Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano confirmed the dispatch of six additional sections of the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad and three Army platoons to Popayán, the scene yesterday of an excessive use of force against the protesters.

As on other occasions, he blamed the dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia for the violent acts that occurred this Friday, with the death of two young people. / Latin Press.



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