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French left demands Macron form a government

Raise salaries, freeze prices, regularize migrants and recognize Palestine, are some of their requests.

The cordon sanitaire and unity worked, so that the leftist alliance of the New Popular Front (NFP) won the French legislative elections. Despite winning the first round, Marine Le Pen's far-right has finally ended up as the third force. For now, the left demands to apply its government program.

After the victory, the líder of NFP, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, this Sunday called on the president, Emmanuel Macron, to entrust them with forming a government. Macron “has the duty to call the New Popular Front to govern,” he said. According to Mélenchon, the president “must give in and admit this defeat without trying to avoid it in any way.”

The French left is going to designate a candidate for prime minister this week to be appointed and govern with its own program and not in coalition with President Macron's outgoing majority. Not only Mélenchon says it, but also the socialists.

“This week we have to be able to prepare a candidacy,” stressed this Monday on France Info the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, who insisted that Macron must recognize that “he has been defeated” in the legislative elections of December 30. June and July 7. Faure did not want to comment on who, beyond excluding Mélenchon. He pointed out that the chosen one will have to “be able to dialogue with the outside world” because the relative majority of the NFP will have to be “expanded.”

The proposals of the French left

During the campaign, the fourth parties of the NFP have agreed to shape a common program of 150 measures. The increase in the minimum wage to 1.600 euros net and increasing the salary of civil servants by 10% stands out. Connected to this, they want to adjust all salaries according to an indexation scale directly linked to inflation and freeze the prices of basic needs, including food, energy and gas.

They also want to reduce retirement to age 60. The pension reform promoted by Macron raised that age from 62 to 64, with the deadline to reach this figure being the year 2030. This reform came into force in September 2023 and was approved without a majority in the chamber, thanks to article 49.3, which gives that power to the President of the Republic.

They propose a system that allows migrants to be regularized. They are committed to creating a maritime and land rescue agency for undocumented immigrants and facilitating the application for visas. They want a statute for “climate refugees” and for universal health coverage to reach refugees as well. They call for reopening the European Migration Pact (reform of the EU asylum system) before the rules come into force in 2026.

The NFP parties have shown their rejection of the European Union's spending rules. Regarding the war in Ukraine, they propose continuing to send military aid without France intervening directly in the conflict. But this united French left does not propose France's exit from NATO. In fact, Melenchon proposed it in the past, but today, France 24 recalls, he maintains an ambiguous position on the matter. They propose the recognition of the state of Palestine by France and an arms embargo on Israel.


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