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Fraud and embezzlement during Milei's tour of Spain

They accuse the Argentine president of using public resources for a personal tour linked to the Spanish extreme right.

Argentine deputy Gabriel Solano sued President Javier Milei for using public resources to pay for a trip to Spain that was only for private purposes.

This is the tour that the president began this Friday in Madrid and will last three days during which he will not attend any state event.

In fact, the only three activities announced by the Casa Rosada are the presentation of Milei's book, 'The Path of the Libertarian'; a meeting with businessmen and the 'Europa Viva 24' summit, which will be headed by the far-right Santiago Abascal, líder from Vox.

“I have just filed a criminal complaint against Javier and Karina Milei (general secretary of the Presidency) for using public funds and assets, including the presidential plane, to travel to Spain in order to participate in Vox party activities,” Solano announced. .

In the message he published on his social networks, he specified that the expenses of this trip cost the State more than $500.000.

“In my complaint I affirm that the president and his sister committed the crimes of fraud, fraud against the public administration, abuse of authority and embezzlement of public funds,” he added.

He also recalled that the president himself recognized that the trip does not constitute an official visit, so it should not be paid for by the Government.


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