Former de facto president Áñez linked to coup d'état is captured

Updated with the transfer of Áñez to the Bolivian Prosecutor's Office in La Paz

Former de facto president Jeanine Áñez was transferred to the La Paz City Prosecutor's Office to take a tax declaration for the crimes of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy, investigated in the context of the coup d'état.

Escorted by police officers, Añez left the cells of the Special Force for the Fight Against Crime (FELCC) and boarded a white police van heading to the Prosecutor's Office.

The former de facto president was apprehended in the early hours of this Saturday, after an intense police operation carried out the day before in the city of Trinidad. / Bolivian News Agency.

The Bolivian Minister of Government reported that the former de facto president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, was captured at dawn this Saturday, over whom an arrest warrant by the La Paz Departmental Prosecutor's Office, for her alleged link to the coup of State perpetrated in November 2019 against former president Evo Morales.

Through his official Twitter account @EDelCastilloDC, he wrote: "I inform the Bolivian people that Mrs. Jeanine Áñez has already been apprehended and is currently in the hands of the Police."

Del Castillo applauded, in another tweet, "the great work of our General Command of the Bolivian Police, the National Intelligence Directorate and the Special Force to Fight Drug Trafficking in this great and historic task of giving justice to the Bolivian people" .

The police authorities reported that in a procedure deployed in the Amazon region of Beni this Friday, the former de facto ministers of Justice, Álvaro Coímbra, and of Energías, Álvaro Guzmán, were arrested, who are accused of the crimes of “terrorism, sedition and conspiracy '. Another of the people who are being required by the authorities are Colonel Yuri Calderón, former commander of the Police and General William Romero, former commander of the Armed Forces.

After having obtained victory in the October 2019 elections, Evo Morales was the victim of a coup, which forced him to go into exile in November, being in Mexico and later in Argentina. On that occasion, as a result of this de facto action, Añez, who served as the second former vice president of the Senate, proclaimed herself in a legislative session without a statutory quorum, interim president of Bolivia.

After a year, Evo Morales was able to return to his country, after the victory achieved by current president Luis Arce, who belongs to his party, Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS).

Jeanine Áñez described her arrest as a political persecution, highlighting: “I denounce to Bolivia and the world that in an act of abuse and political persecution the MAS government has ordered me to arrest. He accuses me of having participated in a coup that never happened. My prayers for Bolivia and for all Bolivians ”.



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