FARC dissidence denies murder of kidnapped Colombian colonel

A FARC dissidence denied this Sunday the murder of Colombian Army Lieutenant Colonel Pedro Enrique Pérez, whom he kidnapped on April 18 in the department of Arauca, and released a video of the military as proof of survival, reports EFE.

The 28 José María Córdoba Front of the FARC described the information given last Friday by the Army as a "false positive in the media" where it is stated, irresponsibly and lying to the country and the family, that Lieutenant Colonel Pedro Enrique Pérez Arciniegas was assassinated ».

The statement was read by a guerrilla in the jungle and the respective video published by the Noticias Saravena portal, from that city of Arauca.

The Colombian Army denounced on Friday that the dissidents of the former guerrilla supposedly assassinated the lieutenant colonel without his body having been recovered until that moment.


The self-styled 28th Front of the FARC assured today that the truth is that "a mercenary commando entered to try to rescue him (the lieutenant colonel) without success, and those who managed to get out came out with false information."

"We know that it would be a victory for the National Army if we were to assassinate Colonel Pérez because arrogance, arrogance, pride does not allow them to admit that one of their men is a prisoner of war," says the commander of that dissent.

In addition, the military officer Pérez, who appears in the video, sent a greeting to his family and his wife, and asked that his release be negotiated.

«You have to face things, and as long as I am here breathing, we are alive, we are alive. Sometimes things are not as they seem, I wish a negotiation could be reached, "said the kidnapped.

So far, neither the Army nor the Colombian Government have made a statement on the statements of the dissidents, who also accuse them of not having made "any effort to reach an end in dialogue so that the high officer returns to his family nucleus." 



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