Ecuador's Parliament rejects the latest report by former President Moreno

The plenary session of the National Assembly of Ecuador today unanimously rejected the report presented by former President Lenín Moreno on his last year in office, which ended in May.

The decision was part of the session convened by the highest authority of the parliament, Guadalupe Llori, in which the 124 legislators present learned about the document prepared by the Economic Regime Commission, on the text delivered by Moreno, late and with inconsistencies, reported by Prensa Latina.

With the vote, the plenary also approved the recommendation to disclose what was indicated by the parliamentary team to the Comptroller's Office and the State Attorney General's Office, for the initiation of the respective investigations.

The non-binding report indicates that the former head of state only met 11,4 percent of the goals established in his National Development Plan 2017-2021 (period of his administration).

In the opinion of the evaluators, Moreno incurred in ideological falsehood, due to the lack of veracity in part of what was declared.

Among the errors in their information, they also cited an evident lack of attention and provision of the minimum resources necessary to meet the needs of Ecuadorians, in the framework of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They also pointed out a lack of order in the structure for the presentation of the data, which hinders its analysis and contrast, and they insisted on the existence of inconsistencies in the statistics, when the same variable occurs more than once.

There were 124 votes that said No to the presidential report and Yes to refer the matter to the bodies in charge of opening inquiries.

'The report that Moreno presented to the Ecuadorian National Assembly on his last year is more mediocre than his administration. It incorporates a poorly written letter in the middle of another document, signs the bibliography, lies and falsifies data and its fulfillment of goals is 11 percent (11/100), 'said the representative of the Union for Hope coalition, Pabel Muñoz.

A third recommendation from the Economic Regime Commission proposed to impeach Moreno, which was eliminated from the text, considering that this decision does not correspond to the plenary session of a legislative team, but through a process, which starts from the elaboration of a file and collection of signatures in support of it.



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