Soberana Plus de Cuba provides protection against covid-19 reinfection

The Finlay Vaccine Institute (IFV) researcher, Rolando Ochoa, reported, at a press conference, that a single dose of the Soberana Plus vaccine project provides protection against the reinfection of Covid-19 and manages to increase the immune response against variants SARS-CoV-2.

According to the information reported by the news agency headquartered in Havana, Cuba-Prensa Latina, Ochoa, project leader, stressed that this product has been developed as a reinforcement for those who receive vaccination schemes with others such as Soberana 02, in phase III clinical and convalescent trials.

It should be noted that recently Soberana Plus received authorization from the Cuban regulatory entity to start its stage II, including 450 volunteers who suffered from Covid-19 and showed a mild or moderate clinical picture or were asymptomatic.

“It will be a multicenter, adaptive, parallel group, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. The latter will receive the dose of Soberana Plus, after the end of the trial period, ”said Ochoa.

He then indicated that this study will include patients between 19 and 80 years old whose hospital discharge was at least two months before starting to receive the single dose of Soberana Plus.

Ochoa emphasized that, during phase I trials with 30 subjects, it demonstrated its ability to stimulate protective levels of neutralizing antibodies and protect patients from possible reinfection, without serious adverse events. "Although they are not common, nor have there been many cases, in Cuba there are people who became ill with Covid-19, mainly due to the low levels of antibodies after the first contagion."

On the other hand, the IFV research director, Dagmar García, explained to Prensa Latina that this project was part of the five formulations corresponding to Soberana 01, first presented by the island to face the pandemic, highlighting that "all they had the vaccine antigen that is RDB binding to the domain receptor with different proportions of the outer membrane vesicle, only Soberana Plus did not have the latter. Due to this technical condition, he was chosen as the fifth candidate ”.



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