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HomeWorldCristina Fernández bathes in town celebrating 20 years of "Kirchnerismo"

Cristina Fernández bathes in town celebrating 20 years of "Kirchnerismo"

The vice president called for the vote to be conscious in the midst of an institutional crisis and the debacle of Argentine justice.

The vice president was greeted with chants calling for her launch as president. Latin Press Photo

"Even though they want to kill me and put me in jail, I am from the town and from there I will not move," Vice President Cristina Fernández said today before thousands of Argentines gathered in the capital's Plaza de Mayo.

Despite the rain, members of the Frente de Todos, social and union organizations, paid tribute to Néstor Kirchner (1950-2010) on the 20th anniversary of his arrival at the Casa Rosada and accompanied his partner and former head of state, who outlined the axes of a government program for the general elections on October 22.

With the song of "Cristina president", the participants in the mobilization reiterated their support for the also head of the Senate and the request that she reconsider her decision not to stand for the elections.

On several occasions, Fernández explained that he does it to prevent Peronism from being attacked, weakened, and outlawed by the judiciary and the groups that hate and persecute it.

On this occasion, the deputy president mentioned essential lines of a transformation process that she considered necessary to carry out: the renegotiation of the debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the end of the interference of that organization in politics and the national economy, the articulation of the public and private sectors and the care and use of strategic natural resources.

In addition, he considered essential the renewal of the democratic pact established after the last civil-military dictatorship in this country (1976-1983) and the reform of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ).

“National unity is essential. It was a political loan and that type of solution has to be, ”he asserted when referring to the commitment made by former President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) with the IMF.

“They gave him 57 billion dollars for the elections, an unusual loan (in 2018). He liquidated 45 billion and they couldn't even win. In four years they left a country with 200 billion dollars less in Gross Domestic Product and 120 billion more in debt”, he affirmed.

In addition, he denounced the existence of "a judicial power that evaporated among the trappings of an unworthy clique for the history of Argentina."

"Citizens deserve a Supreme Court of Justice that can be called as such," he said.

Fernández urged to end disinformation and military from the bases to strengthen Peronism.

“Society has an immovable guarantee: the vote. We must rethink the institutional design. We cannot continue with the monarchical hindrance of people who are appointed for life and who are never held accountable. Let's start to comply with the Constitution, let's investigate the debt and those responsible, ”he said.

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