Congress of Peru granted a vote of confidence to the Government of Castillo

The Congress of Peru granted the vote of confidence to the second ministerial cabinet of President Pedro Castillo on Thursday, after it was suspended due to the death of a deputy of Parliament.

The decision was made with 68 votes in favor, 56 against and 1 abstention, the Congress reported in its account on the social network Twitter.

According to the AFP agency, part of the hard wing of the ruling party turned its back on the Government. A total of 16 lawmakers from that group, including Castillo's former chief of staff, Guido Bellido, voted to deny the trust.

The vote of confidence in the new Cabinet comes after the resignation of Luis Barranzuela as Minister of the Interior, less than a month after his appointment.

Barranzuela had strong complaints, after having held a party at his house in violation of a ban aimed at preventing Covid-19 infections.

If Castillo - who served 100 days in office - had not achieved a vote of confidence by Congress, the members of the Cabinet would have to resign, as established by the Magna Carta.



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