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Government of Colombia distances itself from mercenaries fighting in Ukraine

Through a statement, the Colombian Foreign Ministry said that the decision to go to combat is a personal one.

The Colombian Foreign Ministry has spoken out about the situation of Colombian mercenaries who choose to go to war against Russia, after the case of Miguel Ángel Cárdenas Montilla, who fought in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, came to light. and recently surrendered in Donbass.

The entity reiterated through a statement, published this Friday, that the Colombian Government "does not promote or facilitate" this type of connection with the Ukrainian Army and stressed that the presence of these mercenaries responds to "personal decisions that are completely voluntary and "individuals."

It is estimated that at least 51 Colombians, most of them police officers and former military personnel, have died in combat after arriving in Ukraine as mercenaries, since the conflict with Russia began, seduced by the salaries that kyiv promises them.

In the statement, the ministry also announced that, since February 24, 2022, nearly 300 requests from Colombians who wanted to leave Ukraine and who "were evacuated in a timely manner" have been attended to, while compatriots who have been affected by the war “have received the required consular assistance.”

Finally, citizens deciding to accept offers in Ukraine were warned that “the current situation in that country represents a risk to life, even for those with military experience.”

“Ukraine deceived us”: the story of the surrendered Colombian mercenary

Colombian citizen Ángel Cárdenas Montilla, who fought in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and recently surrendered in Donbass, does not advise his compatriots to go fight on the side of kyiv, as stated in a video released this Thursday by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“Ukraine lied to us,” Cárdenas denounced, adding that they had initially been assured that their task would be to guard a building, but it turns out that they were sent to the line of fire. When asked if he is aware that he was used by kyiv as “cannon fodder,” the prisoner stated that “yes, 100%.” In addition, he said that the other nine Colombians who were in his group have died.

Ángel said that he had arrived in Ukraine after seeing an advertisement on the social network TikTok, but they did not even pay him “the first salary.” He revealed that in Colombia he worked as a police officer, but had no military combat experience.

Despite this, the military training before their participation in the combat lasted less than a week and they were only taught how to “shoot at the range, throw grenades and do something basic like making an advance,” he said.

Likewise, Cárdenas pointed out that the foreigners did not have "much contact" with the Ukrainian soldiers, who made them wait in "a basement" and did not "let them leave." “They talked hard, but I didn't understand anything,” he added.

Thus, the Colombian, who has four children, said that he surrendered on his own because his family "is waiting for him" and he did not want to die. “I prefer to be with my family than everything in my life,” he stated.


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