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China study diagnoses a 'decaying democracy' in the US

A report based on the evolution of American democracy in 2022, observes a deterioration in its institutions.

The United States received a taste of its own medicine by being evaluated by another power, none other than its competitor for economic dominance: China. The Foreign Ministry of the Asian country published on Monday the report entitled The State of Democracy in the United States 2022, in which the Americans are very badly off.

The study observes that in American society "problems such as the politics of money, identity politics, social fissures and the disparity between the rich and the poor are becoming more serious."

He assures that the "scourges of American democracy are already entrenched in all aspects of the country's politics and society", which is reflected to a greater extent in dysfunctional governance and the institutional failures behind it.

In the study, it is assessed that the US "stubbornly believes that its democracy continues to be the paradigm and beacon for the world", but it is this same arrogance that has accumulated its problems to the point of making them incurable.

The Chinese report refers to a work by the Brookings Institution in 2022, in which they show how the once proud democracy is facing a systemic crisis and "is accelerating its decline, whose impact on politics, the economy and society has passed from the partial to the general. 

Freedom of expression remained in rhetoric

One of the values ​​that the US continually boasts of is freedom of expression, but according to the work published by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, this has remained rhetorical matters. This freedom is no such thing in practice when "any speech unfavorable to the interests of the US government or capital will be subjected to strict restrictions," the report says.

It refers to different examples of how the Google company, and various US-owned social networks, have violated freedoms in complicity with the FBI and the US Armed Forces.

Among other freedoms that American society has been losing, without being able to realize it, is the bipartisan crisis that has caused the erosion of the "separation of powers" of which the justice system of that country boasts so much.

The work denounces that "the presidential elections, in certain areas, have become a dispute between both parties for the power to appoint judges."

Diplomatic relations without democracy

The report claims that the US has never really complied with the principles of democracy in international relations. He also denounces that his diplomacy is based on a Cold War mentality, with which he "has practiced a false multilateralism and his policy of blocs."

It denounces that the US places its domestic legislation above international law, and selectively applies international rules for convenience.

Finally, the Chinese government report ensures that US diplomacy flagrantly violates the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and the basic norms of international relations, and launches wars everywhere, fueling division and conflict.

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