China restricts travel abroad due to covid variants

Photo: Prensa Latina

China announced on Wednesday the tightening of restrictions for its citizens to travel abroad amid a new wave of COVID-19 infections in the country.

The coronavirus was almost eradicated in China and life was returning to normal compared to spring 2020 when new cases of coronavirus were discovered last month in Nanking (east), an outbreak that quickly spread to 17 provinces. 

Para controlar la aparición de nuevos casos, los servicios de inmigración dejarán de expedir temporalmente a los ciudadanos chinos pasaportes y otros documentos necesarios para viajar al extranjero, «a menos que haya una razón imperiosa», dijo a los periodistas Liu Haitao, un responsable de la oficina de inmigración.

It was not communicated until when these measures will be in force and it was not clear whether Chinese citizens who are already in possession of these documents will be able to travel abroad.

China registered 71 new cases on Wednesday, which is equivalent to daily figures of infections with local origin for the month of January.

Although the new cases are relatively few compared to the figures of other countries, the geographical extension of this new source of infections is the most important in recent months in China. 

In the regions affected by the pandemic, the authorities ordered the suspension of public transport and the operation of taxis.

In Beijing, where 3 cases were known on Wednesday, the authorities blocked access to a residential neighborhood where one of those affected lives, according to AFP journalists.

A year and a half after the start of the pandemic, covid-19 reappeared in Wuhan (central China), the first city in the world where the virus was detected, at the end of 2019.

In the city of 11 million inhabitants, 3 new cases were detected, which prompted all its inhabitants to be screened.

Nanking, where the current wave of cases originated, has already tested its 9 million inhabitants three times.




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