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China makes history and displays its flag on the far side of the Moon

The Chang'e 6 spacecraft brings samples of that lunar soil and will arrive on Earth on June 25.

The Chang'e-6 lander displayed a Chinese national flag on the far side of the Moon during surface sampling on Tuesday, the China National Space Administration reports.

The display of the red flag with five gold stars, made of “new composite materials”, marked the end point of the unmanned mission in the Aitken basin, near the south pole of the Earth's natural satellite. “This is the first time that China independently and dynamically displays its national flag on the far side of the Moon,” the agency states.

The ascent module then took off on Tuesday morning (local time) with an engine burn that lasted about six minutes, allowing it to reach a previously established lunar orbit, where it will dock with the orbiter and capsule combination. reentry, transferring the collected samples before returning when the weather is favorable.

The spacecraft is expected to return to Earth, landing in the deserts of China's Inner Mongolia region, around June 25.

The successful mission has validated important technological advances within the framework of the Chinese space program, which aims to take a person to the Moon before the end of this decade.

The chief designer of the payload subsystem of the Chang'e-6 probe, Zhou Changyi, explained that future missions will be able to take advantage of lunar surface resources, such as basalt. “If we build a lunar base in the future, we will most likely have to convert basalt into fibers to make construction materials,” he said, quoted by the Global Times newspaper.


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