Castillo continues ahead in elections in Peru with 99,99% processed records

[UPDATE WITH FIGURES] The candidate for the Presidency of Peru Pedro Castillo remains with more than 70.100 votes ahead of his rival Keiko Fujimori, in a very narrow vote count of the presidential elections.

According to the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE), 99,99% of the electoral records have been processed and 99,19% of them counted.

Castillo, candidate of the leftist Peru Libre party, has 50,20% of the valid votes, compared to 49,80% for Fujimori, who ran for the presidency for the third time for the right-wing Popular Force party (FP).

According to the ONPE, the teacher and union leader of the teaching profession has received 8.795.550 votes, while the daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori has had 8.725.414 votes, which means more than 70.100 thousand votes less than Castillo.

With this result, it is practically impossible for Fujimori to go back except for a statistical anomaly, says EFE.

Roughly the last 1% of the vote counted allowed Fujimori to cut just 323 votes, and there is nothing to suggest that the 751 minutes that remain to be counted contain different results.

These figures are given before the various Special Electoral Juries (JEE) of the Peruvian regions begin to analyze in the first instance the 802 minutes (approximately 200.000 votes), which the candidate Fujimori formally asked to annul in areas that overwhelmingly support Castillo.

Fujimori and his political organization Fuerza Popular denounced the existence of apparent irregularities and "table fraud" in these minutes in order to remove them from the count.

Among these, it points to the alleged falsification of the signatures of polling station members in 503 minutes, which represent 125.000 votes, or the falsification of results at the polling station in 132 minutes, where not a single vote in favor of Fujimori is recorded.

In addition, they report 65 cases in which the voting tables are made up of family members, something that is not allowed by law.

None of these complaints enables the annulment of the vote of 200.000 Peruvians, since this case is only allowed for records in which it is reliably demonstrated that they were completed by violence, bribery or threats.



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