Car bomb explosion in Cauca, Colombia leaves 20 injured

The explosion of a car bomb that occurred in the municipality of Corinto, department of Cauca, left a balance of 20 people injured. Colombian President Iván Duque, through his account on the social network Twitter, assured that investigations will be carried out to find the intellectual and material authors of the case.

According to preliminary information, the events took place in an urban area, in the vicinity of the Mayor's Office, and it is presumed that 11 of the injured are workers at the compound.

“Faced with the cowardly terrorist attack with a car bomb in the town of Corinto, Cauca, we are going to go after the intellectual and material authors of this heinous act, because they are the true enemies of peace, who attack Colombians in the middle of a pandemic ”, reads the message.

“This fact was presented around 3:30 pm. A car bomb that they placed for us all over the corner of the Mayor's Office. Eleven colleagues were referred to the hospital, they are in the emergency room, of which two of them were referred as a vital emergency to the Valle del Lili Clinic ”, indicated Leonardo Rivera, Secretary of Government of Corinto, who pointed out that so far he has knowledge of the injuries of these eleven people who are officials of the Mayor's Office, not counting the people who were around at the time of the event and who, therefore, could be affected. He also ruled out so far, deceased people, according to the report from the Semana portal.

“On the way to Popayán for the Security Council for events that occurred in Corinto, Cauca. Without truce against crime, narcocriminals will not continue to sow terror in the population. I instructed @PoliciaColombia and @FuerzasMilCol not to rest until those responsible were found, "wrote Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano through his Twitter account.



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