Brazil exceeds the barrier of 350,000 deaths from covid-19

The absence of effective measures by the federal government of NBrasil has raised criticism in the world / Photo: EFE

Brazil added 2.616 deaths this Saturday in the last 24 hours, a figure that brings the total of deaths in the South American giant to 351.334 victims since it was notified, in March of last year, the first death in the country from the coronavirus.

This was reported in the most recent balance of the Ministry of Health, where it appears that as a consequence of 71,832 new infections this country places 13,445,006 confirmed cases, numbers that keep it second in the list with the highest number of confirmed cases, only behind USA.

Brazil is going through the worst phase of the pandemic since the coronavirus arrived in the country under the underestimation of its president Jair Bolsonaro and the absence of effective control measures against this virus, actions that have made this territory the world epicenter of the covid- 19.



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