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Biden relatives accused of receiving more than $1 million from a Chinese company

The anti-Chinese obsession that reigns in the US government now turns against the Bidens.

Relatives of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, received more than 1,3 million dollars from a Chinese company in the energy sector, with no record of the operation that led them to earn such an amount of money.

The information was revealed in a report by the Accountability Committee of the United States House of Representatives, which is part of an investigation carried out by the legislative body into alleged influence peddling related to Biden.

The document refers to several operations that were carried out between 2015 and 2017 using an account belonging to Rob Walker, a partner of Biden's son, Hunter Biden, to receive and distribute three million dollars from the Chinese energy company State Energy HK.

The relatives indicated for having received money are Hunter Biden, James Biden —brother of the president—, Hallie Biden —daughter-in-law— and another whose identity is not known so far. All of them will have received more than $1,3 million from Walker.

Specifically, the three million payment was made on March 1, 2017, two months after Biden left office as vice president. Over three weeks, these resources were transferred in different movements to accounts linked to the president's family.

In this regard, the head of the Committee, James Comer, added that "it is not clear what services were provided" to obtain these resources, but confirmed that "the Biden family received approximately a third of the money obtained from the Chinese transfer."

After these operations, the members of the Biden family received that sum of money in a period of three months, distributed in various bank accounts.

"The Accountability Committee is concerned about the implications for national security, derived from the fact that President Biden's family receives millions of dollars from foreign citizens," Comer stressed, adding that they will continue to investigate the monetary flows that could compromise the leader.


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