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Ayatollah Khamenei praises the struggle of American students

Through a letter, the líder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran told young university students that they are on the right side of history.

El Líder of the Islamic Revolution of Iran sent a letter to American youth and students who support the Palestinian issue from different universities in that country.

Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, in this statement, addresses the young American activists who have shown solidarity with the women and children victims of the occupation in Gaza and recognizes them as part of the “Resistance Front” fighting against the brutality of the American government in support of the Zionist regime of Israel.

The letter from Líder Iranian seeks to strengthen unity in the fight against oppression and injustice around the world, according to the text of the letter.

Below is the full text of the letter:

In the name of God, Gracious and Merciful

I write this letter to those young people whose awakened conscience has moved them to defend the oppressed women and children of Gaza.

Dear young students of the United States of America! This is a message of harmony and solidarity from us to you. You are now on the right side of history, the pages of which are turning before us.

You today form part of the Resistance Front and, under the brutal pressure of your government, which openly defends the ruthless Zionist usurper regime, you have begun an honorable fight.

In a distant place, the great Resistance Front has been fighting for years with the same understanding and feelings that you have today. The objective of this fight is to stop the flagrant injustice that has been perpetrated for years against the people of Palestine by a ruthless terrorist network called Zionism, which, after taking over their country, has subjected said people to the most extreme pressures and torture.

The current genocide of the Zionist apartheid regime is the continuation of its cruel conduct in past decades.

Palestine is a sovereign territory, with a people made up of Muslims, Christians and Jews and endowed with a long history.

Aided by the government of England, the capitalists of the Zionist network introduced several thousand terrorists into that territory after the World War. They attacked their cities and towns; They killed thousands of people, or expelled them to neighboring countries; They took houses, markets and crops from them, and, in the usurped territory of Palestine, they established a state called Israel.

After the initial help from England, the biggest sponsor of this usurping regime is the government of the United States of America, which has continued to provide it with uninterrupted political, economic and arms support; With unforgivable recklessness, he even opened the way to the production of nuclear weapons and helped him in that process.

From the first day, the Zionist regime implemented the policy of the iron fist against the defenseless people of Palestine and, ignoring all the values ​​of conscience, humanity and religion, has been adding day to day inclement day, murders and repression.

The US government and its partners did not even frown at such state terrorism and continued iniquity, and even today, in the face of the horrific crime in Gaza, there is more hypocrisy than reality in some of the US government's statements.

The Resistance Front emerged from the depths of that gloomy and desperate atmosphere, and the Constitution in Iran of the Islamic Republic expanded it and gave it capabilities.

The leaders of international Zionism, of which most of the media companies in the United States and Europe are either owned or influenced by their money and bribes, present this courageous and humane resistance as terrorism. . Is a people terrorists who, in a land that belongs to them, defend themselves against the criminal Zionist occupiers? Can it be considered aid to terrorism, helping those people out of humanity and strengthening their arms?

The leaders of violent world domination have no mercy even for worldly concepts. They pretend that the ruthless and terrorist regime of Israel is defending itself and they call the Palestinian Resistance, which defends its freedom, its security and its right to self-determination, terrorists.

I want to give you the certainty that today the situation is changing. Another fate awaits the sensitive West Asia region. Many consciences have awakened on a global scale, and the truth is becoming clear.

For its part, the Resistance Front has been strengthened and will become even stronger.

The pages of history are turning before us.

In addition to you, students from dozens of universities in the United States, universities and people from other countries have also stood up. That university professors offer you solidarity and support is a transcendent and influential event, which can be to a certain extent reassuring in the face of the harshness of the government's police action and the pressures that are exerted on you. I also stand in solidarity with you young people and praise your firmness.

The lesson that the Quran gives us Muslims and all the people of the world is steadfastness in the path of Good: “Stand firm as you have been commanded” (11:112). And the lesson of the Quran on human relationships is this: do not commit injustice and do not submit to injustice. “You shall not oppress and you shall not be oppressed” (2:279). Expanding and carrying out those orders and hundreds of similar ones, the Resistance Front moves forward and will emerge victorious, with God's permission.

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Quran.

Seyed Ali Khamenei



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