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Argentine journalist says he has proof that Javier Milei is a pedophile

Santiago Cuneo made some serious statements in which he involved the president with a pedophile network.

“See you in court on Monday,” threatened journalist Santiago Cúneo, looking at the camera and launching a terrible accusation about President Javier Milei. The communicator said that the Argentine president is linked to a pedophile network.

He denounced that Milei “dedicates himself to his delusional messianism in the sect of pedophiles that he belongs to, which is linked to Tenenbaum and El Bambino (public figures in Argentina), because it is no coincidence that he belongs to a sect of pedophiles, which he shows in the level of severity we are in,” he said.

He added for his audience that “you should look at your son and be disgusted by what I am telling you and from there take a reference compass.”

He said that on Monday he will go to court to present evidence of his complaint, which, if true, would possibly open criminal action against the Argentine president.

Santiago Cuneo calls himself a 'nationalist' and knows President Milei quite well, since he was his panelist for a long period where they held numerous off-air talks.

Now he will have to prove that what he says has merit and that his accusation that Milei is a member of a “sect of pedophiles” can initiate legal proceedings against the president.

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