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Argentine Congress deals a hard blow to Milei and approves an increase for retirees

The Legislature, made up of 257 deputies, left those who support the president with only 70 seats.

The government of Javier Milei and its PRO allies suffered a very harsh parliamentary defeat tonight that could mark a before and after in the parliamentary dynamics that the Government will have to face.

All opposition sectors voted together against La Libertad Avanza and the PRO and managed in the early hours of this Wednesday to sanction an increase for retirees and a new formula for updating salaries with an overwhelming majority of 160 votes, which leaves them only 11 of the two-thirds necessary to reject a possible veto by President Milei.

But the situation for the Government could be even worse. Because if two-thirds of those present are taken, the alliance that was formed today would have achieved it because there were 240 deputies in the room.

The unappealable defeat of the ruling bloc, which was reduced to a third of the precinct with just 70 votes, may have an impact on the markets because it exhibits a very clear political limit to the adjustment pushed by President Milei.

The frenetic negotiations took place with the session already launched. After six hours of debate, the Peronist deputies reviewed the text that the radicalism had returned, with negotiations in the middle of the room. The main legislators of the groups led by Rodrigo De Loredo and Germán Martínez were advancing in a parallel task to the session, reaching a political agreement by ironing out technical differences.

The shocking volume of votes that the project garnered, based on the radical opinion, was a direct message to the heart of the Casa Rosada, because Milei had promised that he would veto any initiative that put the fiscal balance at risk. The number of votes in favor may be indicative of how close the Lower House would be to reaching two-thirds, a figure that would allow the new pension formula to be protected.

President's angry reaction

In response to what was voted in Congress, Milei accused some of the deputies of showing “a systematic vocation to destroy the fiscal balance.” “If we give in to political delusions, inflation will return and we will continue down the path of decadence that we began a century ago, which has brutally impoverished us,” she continued.

Then, he added: “If we stay on the path we have outlined, the wheels in the policy wheel will not only slow down the fall in inflation, but will also take away the strength of the recovery.” Furthermore, he asserted: “There is no way they will push us to change our direction.”

“What the old politics proposes has been failing for a century and is what we have come to change. And we are going to change it, today or from December 11, 2025,” he closed, referring to the date on which the deputies and senators elected in the mid-term legislative elections will take office.

Before, he published another post in which he stated: “Let it be clear to everyone: I am not going to deliver the fiscal balance in any way. I will defend the box with a pure veto if necessary. "They impoverished the country through pure deficit, so in no way am I going to allow this to be repeated."

“I warn you that any project that Congress sends that wants to break the box and blow up this country, I am going to veto it. “I don't give a damn,” he said.


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