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AMLO: Mexico will hold the freest elections in its history

The Mexican president said that gone are the days when elections could be stolen in his country.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, promised this Tuesday that next Sunday's general elections will be the freest that have ever occurred in the country's history.

“We are going to guarantee that there is no violence, that citizens can go to vote calmly, safely, without fear, because we believe that they are going to be clean, free and, above all, peaceful elections,” said the president during his usual conference. press.

He also explained that national authorities, state governments and the National Electoral Institute (INE) have met in recent months to ensure that citizens demonstrate without fear or pressure of any kind.

“(We want) the vote to be truly free, secret, individual. Let an example of democracy be given. Our conservative adversaries bet that there was going to be violence, fortunately that has not been the case," he said, despite the fact that during the electoral process at least 30 people who had run for office, were planning to do so or worked in some capacity have been murdered. Campaign.

López Obrador affirmed that the strengthening of Mexican democracy is due to the fact that people no longer want “that black history” of electoral fraud.

In that sense, he recalled the times when even the presidency of the Republic could be “stolen,” as happened, according to him, in 2006, during his first presidential campaign.

“Now we are inaugurating a new stage of a true democracy. It's no longer a caricature. Democracy is not a facade that serves to operate behind a mafia of power or an oligarchy of those who felt like the owners of Mexico. We are in different times and we have to celebrate it. “The people are in charge,” he noted.


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