Afghan women demand "concrete aid" after evacuation

A group of Afghan women demanded this Tuesday in Barcelona from the Spanish Government "real and concrete aid" after their evacuation from Kabul, for "a better accompaniment for the refugees" who already live in Spain.

Waving Afghan flags and trampling on a Burka (the most hidden garment of all Islamic veils), the women carried out a symbolic action calling for freedom, in the activity the Afghan women questioned that the Spanish Government promised to evacuate more people from the one that has finally helped to leave the Asian country, reports the EFE agency.

While in Spain Afghan women carry out these street activities, in Afghanistan hundreds of women wearing burqas demonstrate in Kabul in support of the Taliban, according to the website “Women will be safe now. We support the new government with all our strength, ”says Somaiya, an Afghan woman who came out to support the Taliban.

According to the AFP agency, it reports that the policy that the Islamist movement, which took power in Afghanistan in mid-August, will reserve for women raises concern both inside and outside the country. 

During the years they were in power (1996-2001) the Taliban trampled on the rights of Afghan women and restricted their simplest freedoms, such as studying, working or going out alone.

On the other hand, the Taliban said on Tuesday that the UN should help them return to their homes the 3,5 million Afghans displaced within the country due to violence, in a further attempt by the fundamentalists to gain the trust of the international community, reviews the EFE agency.

“The current priority of the Islamic Emirate is to return displaced families to their native areas before the onset of winter. The United Nations should help us in this matter and the Islamic Emirate is ready for all kinds of collaboration, "said a Taliban spokesman, Naeem Wardak, on Twitter.

The statement comes after the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Italian Filippo Grandi, met yesterday in Kabul with the Foreign Minister of the interim Taliban Government, Amir Khan Mutaqi.



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