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They find 70 migrants in a hotel water well in Mexico

They included Cubans, Nicaraguans and a Venezuelan

A total of 70 migrants who were hiding in a water well and in the machine room of a hotel in the city of Oaxaca, in southern Mexico, were found this Wednesday by Mexican authorities.

The National Institute of Migration (INM) reported that agents "found dozens of suitcases and backpacks with clothes in various rooms of the hotel, but without the presence of the owners."

This led the migration agents to carry out a broader and more thorough search throughout the building, where whispers were heard that led to the location of 27 Cuban men and 25 women, 12 Nicaraguan men and 2 women, and one Venezuelan.

In addition to this, two adult women and a minor of Cuban nationality were also found in the family nucleus, the INM reported in a statement.

The State Police, which supported the INM agents, arrested and presented a Mexican person to the Attorney General's Office (FGR) for the possible crime of illegal human trafficking.

For years, despite the tightening of surveillance on Mexico's southern border, thousands of migrants from various countries in the Americas have entered Mexican soil with the intention of crossing illegally into the United States.

Human traffickers look for routes for foreigners and sometimes station themselves in the states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Puebla and the State of Mexico as an intermediate stop on their journey to the United States.

The US Customs and Border Protection Office detected more than 1,7 million undocumented immigrants on the border with Mexico in fiscal year 2021, which ended on September 30.

Last year, Mexico deported more than 114.000 foreigners.