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41 heat deaths recorded in eastern India

Odisha state authorities expect heat and humidity to continue for the next five days

Since the beginning of summer, some 41 deaths from heatstroke have been recorded in the eastern Indian state of Odisha, local authorities reported Monday.

In a statement from the State Emergency Operations Center of Odisha, cited by local media, according to EFE, of 159 cases of suspicious deaths due to heat stroke this summer, 41 were confirmed, 45 have been ruled out and 73 are under review.

Furthermore, in the last 72 hours the deaths of about eight people due to alleged heatstroke in several districts were reported and the relevant investigations are being carried out to determine the causes.

The Special Relief Commission of Odisha, through its account on the social network

“Heat and humidity are likely to prevail at different places along the Odisha coast for the next five days,” the agency said. 

Several heat waves have been reported in the state of Odisha this summer, with temperatures reaching and exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. 

At the end of last May, some areas in the north of the country had temperatures above 50 degrees, according to the India Meteorological Department, including Rajasthan with 50,5 and Haryana with 50,3 degrees.

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