402 thousand 431 new infections by covid-19 in the world

In the world, 402 thousand 431 new infections and 6.105 fatalities were detected by covid-19 in the last 24 hours, according to the official balance published by the international news agency AFP, after the compilation of data provided by the health authorities and later checked with the World Health Organization (WHO) office.

Statistics reveal that the countries with the most deaths in recent hours are Russia with 719, the United States (692) and Iran (487). The accumulated number of infections exceeded 224 million 558 thousand 780 people and at least 4.627.854 reached the total number of deaths, globally.

Regarding the general figures, the number of deaths in the United States amounts to 659.975 with 40.955.260 infections, followed by Brazil, with 586.851 deaths and 20.999.779 cases, India, with 442.874 deaths (33.264.175 cases), Mexico, with 267.748 deaths (3.511.882 cases), and Peru, with 198.764 deaths (2.161.086 cases).

Peru, by reporting 603 deaths per 100.000 inhabitants, ranked as the nation with a high mortality rate; followed by Hungary (311), Bosnia (305), North Macedonia (300), Montenegro (287) and the Czech Republic (284).

Meanwhile, Latin America and the Caribbean added 1.461.739 deaths (43.966.780 infections), Europe 1.274.018 (65.041.142), Asia 809.911 (52.034.613), United States and Canada 687.170 (42.496.355), Africa 202.912 (8.051.997), Middle East 190.248 (12.821.544), and Oceania 1.856 (146.350).

The international news agency AFP revealed that less serious or asymptomatic cases have not been included in this balance and that there could be a disparity between the data from one day to the next, due to last minute corrections made by the health authorities.



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