Covid-226 cases reach 310 million 920 thousand 19 in the world

The number of infections by covid-19 in the world this Thursday stood at 226 million 310 thousand 920; after being reported in the last 24 hours about 564 thousand 728 new cases, according to the balance published on the web portal by the international news agency AFP.

Next, these statistics reflected that the countries with the most deaths this Wednesday are the United States with 2.641, Mexico (897) and Brazil (800).

In relation to the number of deaths from the virus, it was revealed that in the last hours 10.274 new deaths were recorded, to rise to 4.656.833 fatalities detected since the beginning of the pandemic in December 2019.

Likewise, it is highlighted that in the accumulated figures, the United States continues to lead the list of countries with the highest number of deaths, reaching 666.618 deaths and 41.536.687 infections; in second place is Brazil with 588.597 deaths and 21.034.610 cases, India, with 443.928 deaths (33.347.325 cases), Mexico, with 269.913 deaths (3.542.189 cases), and Peru, with 198.860 deaths (2.163.312 cases ).

Peru appears as the country most impacted by covid-19 by registering the highest mortality rate, with 603 deaths per 100.000 inhabitants, followed by Hungary (312), Bosnia (309), North Macedonia (304), Montenegro (289 ), and Bulgaria (284).

Meanwhile, Latin America and the Caribbean added 1.467.379 deaths (44.101.105 infections), Europe 1.280.770 (65.513.286), Asia 816.508 (52.402.024), United States and Canada 693.890 (43.093.308), Africa 204.429 (8.105.043), Middle East 191.970 (12.946.002), and Oceania 1.887 (150.155).

The international news agency clarified that this balance does not include less serious or asymptomatic cases and was obtained by compiling the reports of the health authorities of each country and later compared with information from the World Health Organization (WHO).



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