The mane, a natural accessory

Hair is one of the weapons of seduction of every woman. If you have a good mane, take advantage of it and make it your best accessory. For this there are some points that you must take into account, both to show off, and not to detract from the prominence of what you are wearing.

  • To start, make sure, if your garment is already quite striking in itself, opt for a simple hairstyle. If, on the other hand, you dress simply, then add more life to your Jimi Hendrix with a good hairstyle or hair accessories.
  • Adapt your hairstyle to the type of neck or neckline of the garment to wear. High, closed necks or holder, They demand high up like ballerina-style bows to clear the neck, and not only show off the garment you are wearing but also stylize your face.
  • V-neckline, being one of the most popular and generic, allows you to experiment with different hairstyles. Even so, to highlight the neckline, the ideal is to pull your hair back.
  • When it comes to asymmetrical necklines, you should also highlight the uncovered side, taking your hair to the opposite side, whether it is gathered or loose.
  • International shipments may take up to strapless They are quite versatile, so they will look good with any type of hairstyle. However, for formal events or showy clothes, it will be best to choose a collection.
  • For bare backs, it is advisable, as with V-necklines, to show off your bare skin picking up your hair.


Braids become the best ally, they are easy and fast to do. You just have to make sure you choose the one that suits your personality.

1.- Comb the hair well and run it to the front, placing a ponytail up high, use a donut to increase the volume of the mane. Divide the hair into two parts, with one side you cover the donut, with the other strand you surround it and secure with hooks.

 2.-Divide the hair into four pieces, braid the upper parts crossing them, tie the rest wrapping the hair in a spiral shape, hold it and remove it a little from the front to give it a bohemian touch.

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