The bathroom, a space for love

The bedroom does not have to be the most sensual space in the house, the bathroom can be converted, with some decorative details, into a permanent and splendid space for pleasure.

It has them all to compete even with the bedroom: water, hygiene, privacy, the possibility of playing with salts and aromatic gels and, if that were not enough, scented candles if you have a special occasion or romantic reconciliation. The bathroom, perhaps like no other domestic environment, relaxes and excites the senses.  

The Spanish decorator Javier Echenike, obsessed with incorporating the exterior landscape into interiors, suggests leaving a view of the patio or external garden (protecting privacy with plants) as a very sensual factor. If this is not possible, at least find a large bathtub. And if space or pocket does not allow it, then focus on objects and products that print eroticism and ambient romance.


The bathroom provides multiple opportunities to create a sensual environment, in the end it is the most intimate space in the home.

<br>• SALTS AND GELS. A bath of salts and gels that produce the romantic foam can be the most powerful aphrodisiac, since the fragrance of the salts and the soapy texture excite the smell and the skin.

<br>• SCENTED CANDLES. In the evening, warm candlelight encourages romance and relaxation. In the market there are countless scented candles, as well as designs, you can choose to choose the colors to create harmony with the rest of the decoration. There are even floating candles for the bathtub (or sink), perfect for the prelude.

<br>• FLOWERS. The ideal flowers to add sensuality to the bathroom are roses and jasmine, very aphrodisiac.

<br>• CURTAINS AND COLORS. The designs and materials of curtains for bathrooms have been expanded to suit all tastes: from those with half-baroque faralaos, to transparent ones. But if you have a budget for transparent glass booths, these are the queens of elegance, sharpen vision and… passion.

• COLORS. Prefers neutral tones, such as gold, copper, beige, white (unbeatable for its elegance). Although the most daring can also choose blue, green and even red. 

LAST DETAIL But the most important: hygiene. The neatness of your bathroom must be impeccable: no dirty clothes, no stains on the ceramic or toilet or sink, no hair on the floor. If you lose sight of this great detail, you could spoil everything.   



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