Teach responsibility and love

Every day we hear parents say that they want their children to be better than them, to have a better formal education, to be healthier, happier and better people; One of the most important lessons they will have to teach their children is to be supportive and loyal and that these values ​​are not abstract or theoretical but, on the contrary, are learned in daily life, with the behavior of every day . The most important lessons in life are usually simple: be supportive, act responsibly; stand up for those who depend on us; do things well, ask for help if we cannot alone, feel a commitment to life when we see someone sick (person or animal), help. Those are profound teachings that make us better people, that help us have better children, that fill countries with good people who can change the world from a hostile and difficult one to a better and kinder one.

Having a pet is optional and voluntary. Nobody forces us to bring a cat or a dog into our home, but if we do, it is for life. Bringing an animal home is a lot like that promise that lovers make to each other: "in health and sickness, in wealth and in poverty, until death do them part." Nobody has said that commitments are easy to fulfill, but we must think very well that each action we take as a family marks the emotions and the scale of values ​​of that same family. If faced with a difficulty, we react irresponsibly, we are creating, producing irresponsible individuals.

Having pets is a blessing… they are like children but with four legs… innocent and sweet, tremendous, mischievous, curious. They are in the process of learning ... they must learn what they can do and what not, what they can play with and what not. Where to relieve themselves, how to walk on a leash; look out the window but take care that they do not fall. They must learn what some words mean like "NO", "come here", "sit down", "to eat" ... just like us ... They must learn the world and are born - like us, innocent, fragile, dependent and with an extraordinary predisposition to the happiness-.


GIVE IT LIFE. If you don't have a dog or cat yet, try adopting one. Right now thousands of these faithful animals are waiting, generally dewormed, sterilized, vaccinated and healthy by a family in the different shelters, foundations and individuals sensitized by homeless dogs. Of all sizes, races, ages, and colors. Adoption, in addition to giving these dogs the opportunity to have a home, allows their protectors to help many other abandoned to take their place.

GIVE IT KINDNESS. If we have an animal and it got sick: let's take it to the doctor, in the same way that we need to go to the doctor if something hurts; If our pet gets older, let's treat it with even more affection because its bones will surely start to hurt, its eyes will have cataracts and it will see less, it will need its food to be softer, like us, we also need more help when we get older; If we move to a smaller place, let's make it its corner anyway, it will always be better to live tightly than to cause an animal pain through abandonment or death if we leave it on the street. Acting kindly will always lead to a better life and will teach our children the value of action and of living responsibly.



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