Sweet Dreams

Sleep is linked to the hormone melatonin, in charge of telling the body when to stop, rest and sleep, sleep having great effects on the body. In addition to tiredness and a bad mood, a bad night implies eye puffiness, dark circles, pale face and marked signs of expression, which is why it has been said that sleep is the best beauty cure.

At night the skin recovers from the aggressions of the day, since the cells are oxygenated to the maximum. During rest you breathe better so that oxygen reaches the cells more easily and in greater concentration. All this is related to meticulous biological watchmaking. If you sleep well, the brain rests, develops a greater memory capacity and you get more mental agility. When you haven't fallen asleep the night before, you have problems with irritability, anxiety, and mood swings.

"Sleep also helps to regain strength for the next day, producing more proteins and hormones, in addition to generating more defenses against possible diseases," says internist José Joaquín Pérez, who recommends sleeping between 7 and 8 hours a day, as well as a thirty minute nap after eating. Insomnia is an indication that something in your lifestyle is wrong, perhaps it is physical or mental problems. The ideal is to change your habits and lifestyle. Resorting to drugs is a mistake. "If the cells have more oxygen, they activate their metabolism, their ability to survive and multiply, which translates into healthy and young tissue," says the expert.


The skin should not be deprived of the benefits of night creams, as they act doubly: thanks to the total relaxation of the skin, the active ingredients penetrate it better. "Spending a few minutes at night to facial care is essential to show off an enviable dermis, explains Felicidad Carrera, an expert in specific night treatments, and adds:" I advise that people include these minutes as a more daily routine such as cleaning and daily hydration of the skin of the whole body ”.


The first thing to do before going to bed is to clean the skin, first with an oily product to remove all fat-soluble impurities - grease and makeup - and then wash away all impurities - dead cells, sweat or pollutants - with a soapy gel, underlines Felicidad Carrera, for whom the products and treatments that are applied below will depend on the age, type and condition of the skin.

For example, for a 40-year-old woman with normal skin, uneven pigmentation, first signs of sagging, enlarged pores, superficial photoaging wrinkles, and lack of radiance, a melanin regulating tonic should be applied to even out skin tone. Subsequently, you will put on an eye contour that acts against dark circles and wrinkles. Then, a night cream will be applied to the skin with antioxidant properties that fight against free radicals - responsible for photoaging - and that firm up to combat sagging and hide enlarged pores. Two days a week it is recommended that the skin absorb the benefits of a mask that closes the pores. The use of night creams is always mandatory. Essential from the age of 30 and highly recommended to start between the ages of 18 and 20.


• The bed where we sleep is essential, we will choose a good mattress that allows our body to rest in the proper position. It is recommended that the width of the mattress if it is individual is about 90 centimeters.

• The room should be well ventilated, and if possible not have any electrical appliances in it.

• Before going to sleep after a tired day it is important to take a shower or bath with hot water.

• Sometimes noticing a slight aroma that relaxes us can help us sleep more easily. You can lightly perfume yourself with a cinnamon, vanilla or lavender scent. 



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