Show off your legs

The time of heat arrives and with it the desire to uncover the body, and the legs are the extremities that take the worst part. Hidden for months, we forget that we have to pay attention to them so that their hydration is precise, the hair removal is careful and they look as toned as when we were teenagers.

According to the beautician Felicidad Carrera, it must be taken into account that with hydration we recover the shine and softness of the legs. “The skin of the legs tends to dry out because it has few sebaceous glands. If you have not followed a daily care routine, now is the time to make up for lost time ”, advises the expert.

It recommends hydrating them at least once a day to regain the "lost elasticity, softness and shine", while during visits to the beach or the pool it is advisable to hydrate them at least twice a day, since they are exposed to external factors such as the sun, the salt of the sea water or the wind ”.

In order for the legs to better absorb the moisturizing product, it is suggested to exfoliate them once a week, which helps to remove dead cells and will prevent the hair from having difficulties to come out. It is advisable to do it while the skin is moistened, in upward movements.

“This is a basic care that, especially with the arrival of heat, requires special attention. If you epilate at home, it is best to use a method that is practical, effective, that guarantees long-lasting results and that takes care of your skin ”, she says. Among other recommendations, advises to perform ascending massages with cold water, avoid standing for many hours, resting with your feet up or avoiding wearing shoes with a high heel.


Toning is another of the pillars on which comprehensive leg care is based, in this case the objective is to avoid muscle flaccidity and the appearance of poorly toned soft legs. For this, it is important to eat a balanced and healthy diet, complemented with regular physical exercise, indicates Carrera.

It is recommended to hydrate the legs at least once a day to regain lost elasticity, softness and shine.



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