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Scents that decorate

Aromatic plants provide a good smell to the environment

An all-in-one combo is what aromatic plants offer: good smell, flavor for food, well-being and beauty for the home. There is a great variety and they can be found almost anywhere, because they grow well in pots, in addition to requiring very simple care.

Aromatic plants are those whose stem or leaves give off a strong and intense scent. For years they have been used to make fragrances, to season dishes and to make remedies. Depending on their characteristics and care, they can be kept in various parts of the house. Some of them, like lemon thyme or lavender with its small lilac flowers, can be a perfect centerpiece.

The slat pots are perfect for gathering several small pots and having them on hand in the kitchen to take them fresh and use them when cooking. "You can make combinations such as mint with mint, coriander with parsley, rosemary with oregano or lavender with santolina," says Romualdo Gil, interior decorator, and to whom he explains that these plants have several classifications. “In terms of use, they are grouped into three: aromatic, culinary and medicinal. When it comes to care, there are two groups: woody and herbaceous”.

The best plants to have in the home depend on the space you have, he explains. “”n a small apartment, pots with mint, rosemary or thyme cannot be missing; if you have a house with a garden, you can try to have a small garden where everyone gathers”. The classification in terms of care becomes more important when you have already decided to buy some plants, highlights the expert, "because it is not just about which ones you want to have, but which ones can be maintained."


Among the woody ones are rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, marjoram, chamomile, laurel, among others. They need a good orientation to the sun and little water to live, so they must be watered two or three times a week and paid every six months. It is recommended to cut them from the sides because that makes the plant renew itself. As for the herbaceous, there are mint, spearmint, basil, parsley, coriander and chives.


The ideal time to water the plants is early in the day or at dusk, never when it is sunny because the roots can be damaged. Cuesta indicates that a trick to know if the plants are being watered properly is to observe their leaves: «If they are uniform green, everything is fine; if they turn yellowish, it is because there is excess water and, if they turn brown and lose flexibility, it is because they lack irrigation”, clarifies the expert. As is logical when you take some leaves or stems of these herbs to make infusions, mojitos, dressings, salads, or whatever you want, do not forget to do it very carefully and preferably with scissors, taking care that the plant is not mistreated.

NOTE: If a twig is cut, let it be from a bud above the ground so that the plant continues to grow

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