Recycle your closet

To renew ourselves, it is not always necessary to buy new clothes. Look great recycling what you already have and give it that personal touch.

The idea of ​​this recycling is not to wear damaged or very worn clothes, but to save what can still be recovered. There are very simple, creative, and even entertaining ways to do it at home. You will be saving money and giving your garment a personal touch that no one else will have, they just want and take care of your clothes.

<br>• The key For this recycling is to invest in a good quality garment that will last with you for a long time and thus not have to continually replace.

<br>• Rejuvenating dyeing: perfect for jeans or pants that have lost their original color after washing or to which you want to give a twist with a different shade.

<br>• Smart patches: A torn garment is not always a hopeless case and a patch can be very discreet or creative… Try different shapes and textures, and even other materials, such as lace or studs.

<br>• Exclusive embroidery: embroidering or any other appliqué will definitely make a blouse, dress or garment of your choice look different and renewed.

<br>• Funny cutouts: convert old jeans in shorts it is always a good exit. You can also transform a top en crop top , remove the sleeves from a blouse, or shorten a skirt.

• Do it yourself: For the most daring, there is nothing like making your own clothes to measure and with the design you want, with the assurance that no one else will have them.



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