Childhood insomnia

In the same way that thirst and hunger are part of the primary needs of the human being; that is, they are essential for their survival, sleep is also a very important physiological process that allows the development of the brain in an early age, the retention of memory and learning and is associated with growth hormone in babies and adolescents .


It is important to know the types of insomnia that - depending on the characteristics and causes - specialists have classified into:

<br>•  For wrong habits: The pediatrician ArmandoArias affirms that it affects 30% of children, and that the responsibility falls on the parents by overprotecting as well as by the lack of normative coherence (one parent says one thing and the other another thing regarding bedtime ). As a consequence, "the child gets used to these wrong habits." How is it avoided? Establishing rules and enforcing them. For example, agreeing on the time when the little one should go to bed, agreeing to turn off distracting technological devices, and not giving them sweets before bedtime, etc.

<br>•  For physiological causes: Consequence of a disease or situation that affects the normal function of the body, such as allergies and for psychological causes.

  1. Food allergy: When infants show hypersensitivity to certain foods, such as those who are lactose intolerant. “He is a child who has a lot of gas, abdominal discomfort, who can present constipation; then at night you will feel discomfort and you will not sleep well, but because of the allergy ”, the pediatrician agrees. How is it avoided? Go to the pediatrician, who can detect possible conditions. Once the allergy is already detected, the doctor's instructions must be followed to the letter.
  2. Causes psychological: Little ones who suffer from anxiety caused by family problems. "He is a child who, in addition to insomnia, has fatigue, behavioral disorders and performance problems," says Arias. How is it avoided? If your child shows any of the above behaviors, see a child psychology specialist. Parents must ensure that the child's life moves away from sedentary lifestyle and leisure, as well as strengthening the values ​​for coexistence, promoting the establishment of relationships based on respect and affection.


<br>•  Relaxed pregnancies. The pediatrician assures that children born under attempted abortion, with threat of premature birth or with a circular cord, “are children who are going to have sleep problems the first days, even for months. The cause of this lies in the mother's own anxiety, anguish and fears, which are reproduced in the child, who needs to feel the mother's heart very close ”.

<br>• A spa for your baby. Pamper your child with an infant massage. This should be soft and develop in a dim environment, from head to toe, front and back, for about 10 minutes. It can be done in the morning or in the afternoon.

<br>• Games and feeding. Every infant and school-age child should nap for at least one to half hour a day in the afternoon. "It is not necessary, but it is recommended," says the expert.



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