Ice cream with no regrets

Choose the right type, take a small amount and moderate the frequency so that the health or the line suffers.

To lose weight or maintain an adequate weight, it is not necessary to cut calories to the extreme or deprive yourself of the foods you like the most, which not only hurts your chances of losing weight but also your health. The solution? Make meals less fattening, reducing their sugar and fat content. The case of ice cream, that dessert that fascinates everyone, has special characteristics.

"Ice creams can have a place in a healthy diet," according to Luis Bello, a doctor specializing in nutrition and dietetics. However, the specialist clarifies that, when consuming these foods, we must take into account the type of ice cream, its quality, the quantity we eat and how often we do it.

There are two main types of ice cream: those made with ice and those made from dairy products. Thus, Dr. Bello explains that if a piece of fruit has about 100 calories, an ice lolly can have about seventy. "The fruit is healthier but in terms of calories, an ice lolly is not extremely dangerous," he clarifies. For its part, a cream ice cream served in a normal-size glass "can have about 120 or 130 calories," he points out.

The specialist points out that sweet and ice cream should not be confused because, “while a sweet has about 600 calories per 160 grams, the same amount of ice cream can have about 120 calories. But when we put a cookie or, above all, chocolate on the ice cream, we are mixing ice cream and candy and then the calories skyrocket ”, he warns. In this way, the expert indicates that an ice cream of those that are covered in chocolate could contain about 300 calories if it did not have chocolate, while with chocolate it reaches XNUMX.

Chocolate almond ice cream usually contains vegetable fat, especially coconut and palm oil, which raise cholesterol. It is a type of ice cream that is very fattening, so it would not be appropriate to consume it on a daily basis, he details. Another type of ice cream is yogurt, lighter than traditional ones. "It's halfway between ice cream and yogurt," says Dr. Bello.

The doctor says that if a skimmed yogurt has about 50 calories and an ice cream about 150, the frozen yogurt would remain at 100; but you also have to take into account the amount that is consumed. “An ice cream is more fattening than a frozen yogurt, but while with ice cream we have the tradition of taking a small glass, frozen yogurt is usually consumed in a larger container. This means that a frozen yogurt can become more fat than a normal ice cream, which is normally smaller, ”he says.


To better understand how many calories we consume in ice cream, it is necessary to know how much energy we spend per day: a man needs around 3.000 calories a day and a woman around 2.200. "This has to be distributed throughout the day, so in the main meal, which should be at noon, the normal thing is that we eat about 600," he explains.


The best time to have an ice cream is at noon or in the afternoon. On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid consuming this type of food at night since, at that moment, the sugars are not burned due to the lack of physical activity and they are transformed into fat. In addition, the specialist emphasizes that ice cream should not be replaced by fruit, since it provides us with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. For its part, an ice lolly that is made primarily with water and coloring has "few calories and minimal nutrients," clarifies the doctor. At the same time, Dr. Luis Bello emphasizes that this type of ice cream does not provide saturated fat. On the other hand, "the creamy ice cream, which has milk, can provide us with carbohydrates and proteins," he says.


Ice cream is a healthy pleasure, "but always depending on what type of ice cream, how much and how often it is going to be taken."

According to the specialist, consuming ice cream three or four times a week would not pose any problem. "Ice cream is better than sweet, but not as good as fruit, so we should never substitute fruit for ice cream even though we are very hot," he concludes.



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