Healing affection

Many specialists have carried out countless experiments to verify the relationship between health and love. Among the discoveries, it was found that people who are ill and have someone who loves them and who is aware of them achieve a faster recovery than that of a patient to whom no one gives affection. Also, love improves our quality of life and we tend to get sick less, while negative feelings are neutralized by positive feelings and our body works better.

"When we have problems and we are alone with them, we are more prone to get sick and feel depressed," says psychologist Libio Suárez Pineda, for whom the emotional well-being that is felt by being able to give affection and help others makes people feel that they have more energy and combat stress according to experts.

Love not only destroys the imaginary heart, bad relationships between couples also affect the true heart. "People in bad marital relationships are more likely to suffer from heart problems," says the expert, who adds that there is no doubt that ties of friendship, love and affection, family, work, community reinforce health and happiness. “In order to give love and to receive it, try to be kind, always smile, avoid anger, and listen to others, help with charities, etc. Have physical contact with your friends, family, colleagues and partner ”.


Kissing triggers the release of pleasure-inducing hormones in the brain. The mouth is the most mobile part of the body and when kissing all 34 facial muscles move at the same time. Also, kisses make the lips swell with blood, stain red and glow with saliva, while draining dead cells and bacteria and, therefore, improving breath, relieving pain, increasing immunity disease and reduce stress.


In Chinese medicine, the fingertips are channels of energy. The little finger, for example, is a wonderful finger for love because it is linked to the heart, one of the most important meridians of body energy. When Chinese grooms go out for a walk, they tend to hold each other by the pinkie. Also, both men and women secrete these hormones through special sweat glands located under the armpits, around the nipples and in the genital area. They are the perfume of desire. The male pheromone is transmitted to the partner during sexual intercourse and serves the woman to normalize the menstrual cycle, promote fertility and delay menopause. The female pheromone is transmitted through sexual intercourse and epidermal contact, helping to keep male sexual potency alive.



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