Princess nails

If your fingernails break easily, are very thin or brittle, it is most likely that it is more your fault than the nails ...

When these, how well -or badly- speak of our own image, are prone to splitting, it is that we are treating them improperly. Experts mention some of the external agents or products that attack the strength of the nails: the regular use of nail polish remover with acetone, which can eventually wear down the nails; repeated exposure to very hot or very cold temperatures; frequent contact with chemicals, such as those contained in many cleaning products; and even when we submerge the nails in water for prolonged periods of time.

here are some tips to strengthen brittle nails, but first it is noted: "If despite trying these techniques you do not see any improvement after a month, consider talking to your doctor or going to the dermatologist."

<br>• Treat them as gently as possible. Put on gloves to wash dishes or use cleaning products.

• If you use nail polish remover, choose one that does not contain acetone.

• Apply moisturizer daily to nails and cuticles. In addition, applying a product to harden the nails can help make them more resistant to break or break, and makes them stronger.

• Weak nails can sometimes be the result of an infection. To keep bacteria from growing under your fingernails, keep them clean and dry. Do not bite your nails or pull the cuticles because these habits can damage the nail bed and allow bacteria and fungi to enter, causing an infection. If you have stepparents, cut them off carefully because they can rip live tissue along with them and cause damage that increases the risk of infection.

• Keep your fingernails very well cut and rounded with a smooth curve at the tip. If you want to do the manicure, choose a beauty salon with current operating authorization and search only for qualified manicurists.

• Do not allow your cuticles to be cut during a manicure, as this can lead to a nail infection. Also check that all the instruments used in the manicure are sterilized well to avoid the spread of infections.

• If all efforts to strengthen fingernails are futile or if nail problems appear to be related to other symptoms, see a doctor or dermatologist.


Nails are part of the skin, they are made up of layers of the protein keratin and grow from the area of ​​the nail base that is below the cuticle. As the new cells grow, the old ones harden and compact until they end up coming out at the tips of your fingers. Healthy nails are smooth, not rough or cracked and have no stains or discoloration.



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