Enviable abs

Exercises for the abdomen are precisely called sit-ups, and they are among the most painful of any physical routine, at least for newbies. This activity should start with small doses, and this is exactly the case in the case of the abdominals and for two reasons: the first is that a long session of this type of exercise can cause such pain that it takes away the desire to continue them.

The second reason, and much more important, is that poorly done abdominals can cause injuries, especially in the cervical ones, if we do not support the head with force and delicacy at the same time. “The back is one of the most fragile places in our body.

When you do abdominal exercises, make sure to keep your spine straight and well attached to the ground, and your legs bent ”, advises the physical trainer Joaquín Darío Pérez.

Muscles subjected to a sedentary lifestyle, without any type of physical routine, have to adapt to the new rhythm and for this they need time. That is why you should practice the exercise, especially at the beginning, every other day, so that the muscles have a chance to recover and do not suffer injuries. “Little by little increase the duration and difficulty of the exercises. In order for its effects to be faster and longer lasting, and to avoid possible injuries, it is best to practice this activity with the advice of a coach and always avoid exceeding the limit that the body itself establishes ”, says the expert consulted.

Before we can show off abs, we have to start by eliminating the layer of fat that covers them and gives our belly a more or less pronounced curve.

Exercise and diet are inseparable if we want to show off abs, because you can develop good abdominal muscles but it will not look like anything if we keep it hidden under a thick layer of fat. The healthy diet is based on five principles: five meals a day with small portions, and attention to the pyramid of the five steps. At the base of this pyramid are the foods that we must consume daily and that provide us with the carbohydrates necessary to maintain energy. Cereals, especially whole grains, form the first step; then fruits, vegetables and greens; while proteins occupy the third level.



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