Debugging that beautifies

Knowing the glycemic index of our body, the secrets of a good detoxifying diet that revitalizes us without the need to resort to excesses to stop eating, plus a balanced diet, are elements that help us keep the body clean, balanced and in tone .

For these purposes, the nutritionist Paula Rosso advises an antioxidant diet “perfect to improve the body's defenses.” She explains that incorporating healthy eating habits, such as, for example, the consumption of foods rich in fiber, prevents the rise in insulin and facilitates weight loss. Also, Rosso recommends a little sun to recharge us with vitamin D. "20 minutes is enough" to avoid degenerative diseases. In her food proposal, she says: hello, to whole-grain carbohydrates and, bye! to sugars and refined flours that promote "chronic inflammation of the body".

Despite being surprising, he recommends drinking coffee, "better natural than roasted because it contains more antioxidants" and protects against diabetes. In turn, the specialist comments that tea contains catechins and polyphenols and, according to this antioxidant diet, the "white, followed by green" is better. The good reputation of the apple is well founded and one a day is an excellent proportion.

The fruits of the forest are also included as favoring the system, since they contain a high anti-inflammatory effect, to them he adds persimmon, a great tropical fruit as a weapon against free radicals. Peppers, walnuts, spinach and olive oil are rich in vitamins C and E and support the immune system.

Dinner should be varied but complete and light. Start with a natural soup, like the vegetable soup with barley and nori seaweed. Accompany with oatmeal or mineral water, and finish with a delicious dessert of baked apples with a little ginger and cinnamon.Before sleeping, a lemon or lemon balm tea to lighten the digestive and liver functions during the night will be ideal, and you will have your body detoxified in a few days.

Eliminate the consumption of alcohol, carbonated and sugary drinks and all artificial products from your day to day. Modify your menu, eating raw and well washed fruits and vegetables, or a few meats cooked on the grill or steamed, without fat or skins.


Short-term results should not be sought. Dr. Carlos Jarne ensures that soluble dietary fibers, extracted from fruits rich in pectin (natural fiber), in sufficient quantity, act as a filter for the intestine to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and thus improve glycemic control.

To manage the ideal weight for our constitution, it is vital to control the daily intake of foods low in the glycemic index (GI) because, according to Jarne, various studies have shown that a diet with a low GI favors weight loss and contributes to the oxidation of the fats, thereby reducing their accumulation in the body. Foods that contain certain soluble fibers, such as fruit or foods with whole grains, have a low glycemic index, the opposite of refined foods.

Nature or cooking are also factors that influence the glycemic index. Al dente pasta has a lower GI than overcooked pasta, since gelatinized starch is digested more slowly.


• Álex Pérez, nutritionist, assures that there are some myths about food that should be reviewed, such as the fact that salt makes you fat. "Salt retains fluids but does not generate fat", although retained water causes body weight to increase.

• Despite what has always been said, spinach does not provide as much iron as to be effective for the body, since the contribution of other foods of animal origin is much more effective.

• "It is not true that dairy products harm health," says the nutritionist, who adds that it depends on their fat content and the amount we eat.

• Wholegrain products are less fattening if they have the same composition as those made with refined flour, "although not spectacularly."

• "Some whole-grain cookies are still cookies, with a lot of fat and sugar, even though the flour used to make them is whole," she concludes.



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